Are you ready to help change the world?

C4I for Humanity is.

We seek to provide interconnectivity (C4I) to help other relief organizations function best and work together.

C4I for Humanity is (or at least with your help, will soon be…):

A Non-Government, Non-Profit, Relocatable, Modular System with support personnel which supplies Communications, Command, Control, Computer, and Intelligence aid to Humanitarian Missions for both Third World Development and Disaster Relief.

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C4I is an acronym that stands for “Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence“.  These are the five services we facilitate.  We provide the tools and infrastructure for those in charge of a situation to work with those providing relief.  We do this by using off-the-shelf technology and Open Source tools where possible.  We deploy and distribute these where they are needed and provide the expertise to use them in the most efficient manner possible.