We need your help!

We’ve had a lot of positive feedback regarding the concept of C4I for Humanity, but we need your help to make it happen.

Our goal is to provide support to relief efforts by utilizing the existing tools developed by some of the best minds in the world.  In short, the tools are out there and we aim to put them to use.

Right now, people are dying in Haiti because all these tools, both new and old are nothing more than a bunch of great ideas.  With your help, we can form our organization and our teams to bring these capabilities to those who need them.

While it may be too late for C4I for Humanity to get involved in the Haiti relief effort, NOW is the time to make C4I for Humanity a reality for the next disaster BEFORE it strikes.

We need people to join with us to form the initial Board of Directors in order to bring us from good idea to a real non-profit corporation.

Will you join us?

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