A Home in Haiti

http://ahomeinhaiti.org is organizing a drive to acquire and send 200,000 tents to Haiti in time for the rainy season next month.  Phase 1 is to bring 200,000 tents to Haiti.  I’m hoping Phase 2 is something more sound, such as Hexayurts and Phase 3 is permanent housing.

From their home page:

Shelter from the Rain…NOW!

In just a few days, it will begin to rain regularly in Haiti. Could you imagine living outside, permanently, in the rain, with nothing but cloth sheets held up by sticks to protect you? Currently, this is set to be the very harsh reality for over 700,000 Haitian men, women, and children who still have nothing to protect them from the elements.

When you purchase waterproof tents or donate cash directly, it will provide an immediate home in Haiti for people that so desperately need it. These tents are Phase 1 of our long-term project, but are not debatable or optional.

Yes -homes of wood and stone and steel are needed. We are working on that RIGHT NOW, but while we work, we must ensure that we ACT to provide shelter from the impending rainy season that begins in March and hurricane season that begins in June. Our tents are flown & shipped weekly to Haiti through trusted partners and are distributed directly by experienced professionals on the ground.

Thank you for being the solution! Let’s get to work!

Please consider a donation to this worthy cause.

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