Landslide – Asia – China

EDIS Number: LS-20100728-27170-CHN
Date / time: 28/07/2010 03:01:27 [UTC]
Event: Landslide
Area: Asia
Country: China
State/County: Province of Sichuan
City: Shauanghe
Number of Deads: None or unknow
Number of Injured: None or unknow
Damage level: Minor


At least 21 people are missing after a landslide in souther China caused by relentless rain buried dozens of apartments in Shauanghe. Rescuers have been searching for the missing people as more than 4,000 were evacuated from their homes on Tuesday. At least a dozen major rivers had risen beyond their warning levels, with workers scrambling to sandbag riverbanks along the Yellow, Jialing, Han, Huai and Yangtze rivers to prevent further flooding. At last report, rocks and mud from the landslide buried 58 homes in Hanyuan County in China's southern province of Sichuan. Rain is expected to continue

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