Biological Hazard – Middle-East – Israel

EDIS Number: BH-20120315-34532-ISR
Date / time: 15/03/2012 18:31:58 [UTC]
Event: Biological Hazard
Area: Middle-East
Country: Israel
State/County: Southern District
Location: [Shalva and Holit]
Number of Deads: N/A
Number of Injured: N/A
Number of Infected: N/A
Number of Missing: N/A
Number of Affected: N/A
Number of Evacuated: N/A
Damage level: N/A


Three stray cats found by the Veterinary Service and Health Ministry inspectors at Shalva and Holit in southwest Israel were confirmed as having died from eating poultry infected with avian flu. The carcasses were sent for examination, and the diagnosis was confirmed. As a result, the health authorities on Thursday said it expects to catch 30 more stray cats in the area near Eilat. The public was asked to avoid contract with stay cats in the area and to report to the local veterinary services any sick-looking cats just in case, even though the disease is not known to affect humans.

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