Nuclear Event – Asia – Japan

EDIS Number: NC-20120319-34574-JPN
Date / time: 19/03/2012 16:56:28 [UTC]
Event: Nuclear Event
Area: Asia
Country: Japan
State/County: Prefecture of Ibaraki
Location: Tokai [Tokai Nuclear Power Plant, Naka District]
Number of Deads: N/A
Number of Injured: N/A
Number of Infected: N/A
Number of Missing: N/A
Number of Affected: N/A
Number of Evacuated: N/A
Damage level: N/A


Japan's nuclear safety watchdog Monday said a leakage of about 1.5 tonnes of low-level radioactive water occurred at a plant of Japan Atomic Power Co. in the village of Tokai in Ibaraki Prefecture. The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency launched an investigation to check whether the water had leaked into the sea. The water was used to decontaminate radiation protection suits and other items and was contaminated to an extent of 33 becquerels per gram, adding that the leakage occurred when water was transferred from a storage tank to another tank of a nuclear reactor during decommissioning Wednesday.

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