Biological Hazard – North-America – USA

EDIS Number: BH-20120414-34893-USA
Date / time: 14/04/2012 04:08:46 [UTC]
Event: Biological Hazard
Area: North-America
Country: USA
State/County: State of Alaska
Location: [Juneau area]
Number of Deads: N/A
Number of Injured: N/A
Number of Infected: N/A
Number of Missing: N/A
Number of Affected: N/A
Number of Evacuated: N/A
Damage level: N/A


Three suspected cases of paralytic shellfish poisoning have been reported in the Juneau area. Alaska health officials say in a release that all three cases were related to the consumption of shellfish harvested over Easter weekend. All three people involved are recovering. One man went to the hospital after eating razor clams from Admiralty Island. The other two cases were from eating butter clams from Lincoln or Ralston island beaches. Early signs of paralytic shellfish poisoning include tingling in the tongue and lips. That can go to the fingers and toes, extending even to loss of control of limbs and difficulty breathing. State officials say death can occur within two hours.

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