Volcano Activity – South-America – Ecuador

EDIS Number: VA-20130303-38401-ECU
Date / time: 03/03/2013 19:04:59 [UTC]
Event: Volcano Activity
Area: South-America
Country: Ecuador
State/County: Cordillera Oriental
Location: [Tungurahua volcano]
Number of Deads: N/A
Number of Injured: N/A
Number of Infected: N/A
Number of Missing: N/A
Number of Affected: N/A
Number of Evacuated: N/A
Damage level: N/A


Seismicity has increased dramatically at Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador. Given the open-vent state of the volcano,there are emissions of gases and ashes according to the ecuadorian Geophisic Institute. The last eruptive episode took place on the 14 and 30 of last decemeber and then went to a scale of moderate and low. On the 25 and 27 of febrary over five tremors were reported associated to lava inside the volcano. On the first of march the tremors reach a total of 80 with several minutes of duration. From December 12, 2012 a progressive increase of seismicity was recorded, mainly in the number of earthquakes associated with fluid motion and some fracture earthquakes. A slight increase in gas emissions was recorded. During the following days the population should continue monitoring the volcano activity because is located only 80 kilometers from Quito the capital city.

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