Whakaari/White Island (New Zealand) – Report for 22 September-28 September 2021

On 27 September GeoNet reported results from an overflight of Whakaari/White Island the previous week. Gas measurements showed that sulfur dioxide emissions had increased to 680 tons per day from 450 tons per day recorded in mid-August, continuing the trend of an increasing emission rate noted over the past few months. The gas data suggested magma input deeper in the system. Temperatures in the main vent area notably decreased to 189 degrees Celsius from July and August measurements of 650 degrees, possibly indicating cooling caused by groundwater infiltration. Minor ash deposits from recent emissions were visible around the active vents. Seismicity was characterized by low levels of volcanic tremor and occasional low-frequency volcanic earthquakes. Subsidence continued to be measured by satellite. The Volcanic Alert Level remained at 2 and the Aviation Color Code remained at Yellow.

Source: GeoNet

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