Instant Pot Air Fryer

Instant Pot Air Fryer

Instant Pot Air Fryer

These are 50 must-try family friendly recipes for the Instant Pot and Air Fryer

In recent years, instant pots and air fryers are taking the culinary world by storm. An Instant Pot, or pressure cooker, uses steam pressure to cook food very quickly. The tender, shredded chicken you cooked in your slow cooker for hours? With an Instant Pot, you can achieve the exact same results in 20 minutes. Pressure cooking also preserves 90-95% of food’s nutrients — that’s higher than boiling, roasting and steaming! An added bonus is the pressure cooker’s ability to reduce physic acid and lectins in grains and beans, which makes them much easier to digest. The latest Goop podcast actually covered this phenomenon (one our favorites!). if you want to hear more.

Moving on to air fryers. An air fryer is a great option! There’s nothing to like! It turns your favorite deep-fried delicacies into healthier indulgences. It’s all the yum without the grease and fat. Sign us up!

For your convenience, we have compiled 50 delicious air fryer and instant pot recipes that are family friendly. Bon appetit!
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Instant Pot Recipes

1. Easy Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes

2. Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

3. Instant Pot Chicken Soup

4. Instant Pot Chicken Cacciatore

5. Instant Pot Thai. Beef Lettuce Wraps

6. Instant Pot White Beach Chili Chicken

7. Instant Pot Penne Pasta with Sausage in Tomato Cream Sauce

8. Instat Pot Cheddar Broccoli & Potato Soup

9. Instant Pot Maple Smoked Brisket

10. Instant Pot Pulled Pork Tacos With Cilantro Lime Rice

11. Instant Pot Chicken Tikka Masala

12. Instant Pot Cheesey Southwester Lentils & Brown Rice

13. Instant Pot Honey Sesame Chicken

14. Instant Pot Creamy Tomato Soup with Crispy Parmesan Chickpeas

15. Instant Pot Lemon Olive Chicken

16. Easy Homemade Yogurt Recipe in an Instant Pot

17. Instant Pot Butter Chicken

18. Instant Pot Oatmeal

19. Spaghetti Squash in a One-Pot Instant Pot and Meat Sauce

20. Instant Pot Whole “Rotisserie” Chicken

21. Instant Pot Salsa Verde Shredded Chicken
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22. Instant Pot Stuffed Peppers

23. Chickpea sweet potato spinach curry in a single pot

24. Instant Pot Quinoa

25. Instant Pot Chicken and Dumplings

Air Fryer Recipes

26. Air Fryer Kale Chips

27. Air Fryer Chicken Parmesan

28. Air Fryer Turkey Fajitas Platter

29. Air Fryer Coconut Shrimp

30. Air Fryer Brussel Sprouts

31. Air Fryer Parmesan Truffle Fries

32. Spring Rolls for Healthy Air Fryer

33. Air Fryer Sweet Potato Chips

34. Air Fryer Hot Dogs

35. Air Fryer Thai Peanut Chicken Eggrolls

36. Air Fryer Sweet and Sour Pork

37. Air Fryer Beignets

38. Air Fried Apple Chips

39. Air Fryer French Toast Sticks

40. Air Fryer Chicken Nuggets

41. Air Fryer Cheese and Mac

42. Air Fryer Five Cheese Pull-Apart Bread

43. Air Fryer Avocado Fries

44. Easy Air Fryer Falafel

45. Air Fryer Mediterranean Vegetables

46. Air Fryer Mini Empanadas

47. Quick Air Fryer Donuts

48. Air Fryer Pork Chops

49. Cinnamon rolls from the Air Fryer

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  • Instant Pot Air Fryer

    What Is An Instant Pot Air Fryer

    With an 11-in-1 functionality, the Instant Pot Air Fryer makes cooking a breeze for even the newest of beginners. Choose from steam, bake, fry, saute, pressure cook, slow cook options, and more, and easily switch between modes without bringing out multiple pots and pans! This is what makes Instant Pot air fryer recipes so easy and efficient.

    For those more deluxe Instant Pot Crisp recipes, the appliance comes fully equipped with a dehydrator and sous vide functions – perfect for the more gourmet cooking styles you may wish to try.

    Instant Pot Air Fryer’s patented EvenCrisp technology creates a crispy, even exterior using up to 95% less oil than conventional fryers. Instant Pot air fryer recipes have never been easier – simply attach the relevant piece, set your timer, and away you go!

    The Instant Pot Air Fryer is portable and simple to clean. You can take it to your next potluck, family gathering, or barbecue, with no worry about the mess – just wipe down the stainless steel exterior, and you’re good to go!

    5 Easy Recipes For Burgers In An Air Fryer

    15 Easy Air Fryer Recipes for Home Baking

    Instant Pot Air Fryer

    Instant Pot + Air Fryer In One

    You don’t need to make a decision if you aren’t sure. You can get both in one! The Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer is the best of both worlds. With 11-in-1 functionality, it does everything a regular Instant Pot does. But swap out the pressure cooker lid for the innovative air fryer lid, and you’ve got a whole new set of cooking features available with the touch of a button. You don’t even have to transfer the food.

    The main difference with the Duo Crisp + Air Fryer is that it doesn’t have the same pre-programmed pressure cooking buttons like Rice, Meat/Stew, Soup etc. Instead, you simply use the Pressure Cook button and switch between Low or High pressure and adjust the time. It’s not a problem, as many recipes will provide both the time and pressure.

    Instant Pot 8-Quart, Duo Crisp Air Fryer + Multi-Use Pressure Cooker

  • Specifications: Pressure cooker (manual setting-up), steamer and saute pan.
  • You can adjust the cooking temperature to 95-400deg F (35-205deg C).
  • Cost: $159.95
  • Size: 8-Quart
  • Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 22.30 x 15.70 x 17.80 Inches
  • Use it with ease: Moderate to Easy
  • Cleaning: Dishwasher-safe inner pot air-fryer basket and pressure cooker lid only. The lid of the air fryer crisp is not dishwasher-safe and must be cleaned with a moist cloth.
  • Versatility: 11-IN-1 Multi-Use – okay, so it doesn’t juice or blend but it can do so many things, highly versatile appliance.
  • Buy on Amazon.
  • Please note: All prices are for US Wal-mart Online Stores

    Instant Pot Air Fryer

    Air Fryer Lid For Instant Pot

    It is pretty simple.

  • First of all, it fits on all pressure cooker brands that are either a 6 or 8 quart size! !
  • So whether you have a Crockpot Express, Mealthy or Instant Pot the Mealthy Crisp Lid will work! !
  • It doesn’t have smart programs with auto time and temp. like the Cosori dual blaze but that isn’t absolutely necessary.
  • Once your pressure cooker session has ended, take off the lid and replace with this one
  • You must ensure that the handle is at its lowest point. It won’t turn off if it isn’t.
  • Plug it in. (duh)
  • To set the temperature, press the button that looks like a thermometer.
  • Then press the clock button, and then use the + and – buttons to adjust the time.
  • The Play looking button at the bottom turns it on.
  • Air fry in the Instant Pot right now
  • You can stop the clock at any time by pressing the button on the square.

    It was VERY easy to figure out. The only “huh” I had was when I first used it it didn’t turn on right away. It was the handle not being all the way down that caused it. Keep that in mind.

  • This is a great option for those who already own a pressure cooker but would like to upgrade to air fryer technology for less.
  • It is easy to clean where you can put the lower level air fryer basket right into the dishwasher and wipe the underside of the glass clean with a damp cloth.
  • You can use it just for making air fryer recipes on our website and beyond with this!! SO if you’ve been waiting for something like this to arrive too it is here!! Get yours now! I know you will love it just as much as us.

    CrispLid Chicken was ready in 32 minutes.

    Similar to the Ninja Foodi Chicken, I’ve made it before.

      They are almost identical, I think.
  • I would say the two are very similar.
  • This one has a few advantages: it doesn’t attach to your actual machine, and is much cheaper than purchasing a new machine.

    I hope this CrispLid review helps you decide which direction is best for you. It is smaller than another appliance on your countertop. For occasional use it is great for sure.

    Instant Pot Air Fryer

    What Is An Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid?

    As the name says, this is a lid, produced by Instant Pot, that turns any compatible 6 quart pressure cooker into an air fryer. It’s crucial to emphasize the term compatible because not all Instant Pot 6 quart pressure cookers will work. Multicookers with a stainless-steel inner pot are compatible with the lid. Ceramic inner pots (e.g. Smart WiFi 60 and Duo Evo Plus 60), will not work with the lid.

    Only the stainless steel inner pot can withstand high temperatures caused by the heating element on the lid.

    You may have already seen my Mealthy CrispLid Review and thought that the Air Fryer lid was very similar. It is a lid that has a heating element built in. But there are some differences as well, especially when it comes to the functionalities of the Air Fryer lid.

    The Instant Pot’s EvenCrisp technology ensures perfect results each time. Also, the lid has a series of pre-set functions such as Air Fry, Broil, Bake, Roast, Reheat and Dehydrate (not available on the Mealthy product).

    Instant Pot Air Fryer

    Should I Buy The Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid Or The Duo Crisp?

    You can purchase an additional air fryer lid to go with your Instant Pot if you have one that you like or don’t need. You can use the air fryer lid to broil, air fry and dehydrate. The Instant Pot air fryer lid works just as well as the one that comes with the Duo Crisp (even though the design looks a bit different), but the big drawback is that by using it with a 6-quart pot you’ll have even less space in your air fryer.

    If you mainly want the lid so that you can brown food and make smaller batch sides like fries or crispy brussels sprouts, the lid is a great option! If you plan to cook whole meals, such as chicken wings or pizza, the lid is a great option.

    Instant Pot Air Fryer

    Types Of Instant Pot Air Fryer

    Instant Air Fryers are the only genuine Air Fryers on this list. The drawer design makes it easy to flip ingredients and safer to operate. Clearly, it’s the best type of Air Fryer.

    It is difficult to use the Air Fryer Lid accessory in an Instant Pot. Though the heating element has some sort of heat protection, it’s still going to be dangerously hot.

    The only use case that I can see with this type of machine is when you want to pressure cook your chicken before air frying it. Well, pressure-frying, in a way, produces a juicier end product.

    Finally, if you love making pizza, Air fryer Ovens are the way to go. The Instant Vortex Pro can hold an 8 inch pizza. And if you need something bigger, the Instant Omni Pro can handle a 12-inch one.

    Instant Pot Air Fryer

    Using Instant Pot Air Fryer

    The lid does not fit the 10 quart or mini versions. However, it works great with older models and duo sv60. Now you can air fry roast and bake in the same machine. Comes with a stainless steel inner pot air fryer basket that fits right inside.

    They are available in two options and they work. They are not as reliable as separate devices. They are not as good as a separate device, but they can be a great starting point for those who aren’t certain if another device is right for them.

    IP does make their own version, but I believe the CrispLid was the original on the market. This post will explain everything in detail. You can use it on your 6 quart Crockpot Express or Mealthy pots too.
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    It’s very simple, I will explain it in detail. Place food into a basket. Cover with a lid. Set the timer and temperature. Once it has reached the desired crispy brown texture, you can use the glass lid to prevent it from turning on.

    After making some crispy fried pork chops in the air fryer, I’d like to share my opinions on CrispLid.

    This is NOT just for the Instant Pot either! You can use it on Crock Pot Express, Mealthy Pressure Cookers 6 and 8 Quarts. !

    Instant Pot Air Fryer

    Instant Pot Air Fryer Cooking Times

    Want to know the Instant Pot Air Fryer Cooking Times in detail? Here’s an overview (summarized from this Instant Pot Cooking Times cheat sheet) of common foods, temperature, time, and best settings:

  • Asparagus – 400 degrees F, 3-5 minutes, Broil
  • Beef or Steak – 400 degrees F, 13-15 minutes, Air Fryer
  • Roasted Chicken at 400°F for 20-22 Minutes
  • Cauliflower – 400 degrees F, 11-13 minutes, Air Fryer
  • Carrots – 400 degrees F, 8-10 minutes, Air Fryer
  • Fries – 400 degrees F, 18-24 minutes, Air Fryer
  • Green Beans, 400°F, 9-11 mins, Air Fryer
  • Zucchini – 400 degrees F, 8-10 minutes, Air Fryer
  • Instant Pot Air Fryer

    Instant Pot Vs Air Fryer – Quick Facts

    Let’s look at the basic model of Instant Pot Duo 6 Quart, 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker:

  • You can either pressure cook quickly or choose from one of these pre-programmed functions. You can find our complete guide to the buttons below.
  • Size: 6 Quart / 5.7 L
  • It’s easy to use once you are familiar with its basic functions. You can also refer here for our beginner’s guide.
  • Cleaning: Dishwasher-safe lid and inner pot for quick and easy cleanup; also super easy to clean by hand.
  • Purchase on Amazon here.
  • Features: Air Fry, Roast, Broil, Bake, Reheat, Dehydrate
  • You can adjust the cooking temperature to 95-400deg F (35-205deg C).
  • Cost: $96.00
  • Dimensions: 6 Quart
  • Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 12.80 x 11.80 x 14.90 Inches
  • Use it with ease:
  • Versatility: 6-in-1 Multi-Use
  • Purchase on Amazon here.
  • Instant Pot Air Fryer

    A powerful and efficient air fryer

    The Pro Crisp can pressure-cook, slow cook, saute and steam just as well as all the other Instant Pot models–that much became clear early on in my testing process. Its ability to cook in the air, which is a unique feature not available on older Instant Pot models is where it shines. The model delivered consistently crispy, crunchy results that exceeded my expectations. My first culinary test involved attempting to air-fry a box of gluten-free chicken nuggets. In the past, I’ve cooked this particular brand in the oven, and the coating has been notoriously difficult to get crispy. But when I dropped them in the Pro Crisp, that all changed: The nuggets turned out remarkably crunchy, almost as if they had been deep-fried.

    The nuggets that I chose were small enough to fit in the basket. To see how it would perform with multiple layers of ingredients I decided to add a large bag of frozen curly fries. Once again, I was wowed: First, the machine helpfully alerted me at the halfway point, reminding me to toss the fries to ensure even crispness. Second, each fry came out perfectly cooked and super crispy. They were done in 10 minutes, not counting the time it took to heat the oven. This is half of the time it would take to bake in an oven.

    For my last test, I opted for roasted potatoes. Then, I took the fingerling potatoes and cut them in half. Next, I drizzled olive oil on them. Baby potatoes usually take between 20-30 minutes to bake in the oven. Here, they took just 10 minutes, and the results were remarkable: The flesh was tender and creamy and the cut side of the spuds was crispy, as was the skin. Admittedly, the potatoes didn’t turn the same golden brown color that they would have if I’d roasted them in the oven, but a few extra minutes in the air fryer would have taken care of that. Overall, Pro Crisp delivered crispy, consistent food in half the time of traditional methods.

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