These are some of the projects that C4I for Humanity is currently working on:

  • C4I for Humanity Infrastructure – We’re forming the organization and hope to achieve Non-Profit status soon.
  • Main Web Server System – This is the system where the world can pitch in and help out.  It is a public server hosted in the USA at a professional data center.
  • Independent Server Node – We’re developing a server which is relocatable and can function both as a stand-alone C4I system server and as an adjunct to our main system on the Internet.
  • Rapid Response Team – One of the mainstays of what we plan to do is to gather a team to deploy to the area of the Emergency Operations Center of the next humanitarian disaster.  This team will take with them one or more Independent Server Nodes and help coordinate and facilitate the various organizations providing aid.
  • Headquarters Support Team – This is the team of folks manning our headquarters office, especially during any disaster.  They route communications between the public, media outlets, and the Rapid Response Team.  They also pro-actively establish contacts and protocols with the various organizations who might provide aid and governments who might be in charge of potential disaster sites.
  • Technology Research Lab – A team of highly skilled technologists is being formed to evaluate and test available off-the-shelf and Open Source technologies to allow us to do what we do.  They provide custom installations and patches for our existing tools and provide technical support for all our operations.

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