Rapid Response Team

The C4I Rapid Response Team will be the “boots on the ground” people dispatched to the location where humanitarian need is being delivered.  They may be based at or near an Emergency Operations Center to best provide coordinated relief efforts or may be spread out to field locations or assigned to the staging areas of various aid organizations.

We hope to be able to deploy several 5-person teams as needed for emergencies.  A 5-person team is large enough to be self-sufficient and cover a 24/7 shift with at least one person on duty at all times with one on-duty, two during peak hours, and one in ready reserve.

Each team will coordinate with other teams in the relief area as well as with the C4I for Humanity Headquarters.  Where multiple teams are deployed, one will be the senior operations team, providing a single point of contact between the local authorities, relief organizations and the outside world.  The remaining teams will provide support and additional coverage to the areas and people in need.

Each team will come with its own group equipment and each member will have their own personally assigned gear to help them manage in any environment they are deployed to.  With the exception of clothing and personal hygiene equipment, each kit will be interchangeable for rapid deployment.

At least one member of each team will be a computer expert capable of setting up and maintaining the C4I for Humanity server and client systems as well as connections to the outside world.  All team members will undergo training in basic survival, first aid, and CPR and will participate in on-going language training.

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