Rapid Response Team: Individual Equipment

Each individual member of the C4I for Humanity will require the following equipment:

  • Laptop computer (Chromebook)
  • USB Flash drive (4+GB)
  • Padded Laptop bag/case – Carry-on appropriate
  • Spare laptop battery (preferably two of these)
  • Backpack travel bag
  • Water purification system (pocket size)
  • Survival Kit
  • First Aid Kit
  • 2-quart canteen (or 2 1-quart)
  • Walkie-talkie style FRS/GMRS radio that uses AAA batteries (Preferably Garmin Rino w/ GPS & AAA or USB charging)
  • AAA battery LED headlamp flashlight
  • 12 rechargeable AAA batteries for 2-way radio & flashlight
  • AAA battery charger (preferably with solar panel)
  • C4I for Humanity branded clothing for identification
    • Shirt (polo, t-shirt, long-sleeve t-shirt, and/or jacket)
    • Solid color (black?) BDU style pants
    • Hiking, combat, or cold-weather boots
    • Baseball or cold-weather hat
  • Multi-language info fliers.
  • Laminated visual communication sheets
  • Deployment environment appropriate equipment (cold-weather, poncho, insect repellent, etc.)
  • Personal shelter
  • Mess kit
  • Hygiene & grooming kit
  • Emergency food rations for 3-7 days – “Survival Tabs” or “Mainstay 3600”.

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